OK, once we got Chester, I thought we would NEVER get second dog. Well, I guess I was wrong. In May, we attended the 5th Annual Dachshund Parade in Rochester. There we met a woman with three adorable doxies (triplets). She told us about a breeder in Spencerport, so, of course, we just had to go take a look at his latest litter. He had several very unusual doxies. We fell in love with a 3-week old cutie... a silver dapple, all covered in spots. We couldn't resist. We put a deposit on him. We'll pick him up the second week of July. We named him "Pepper" because of his silver, gray, and black spots

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3-weeks old...
6-weeks old...



We picked up "Frankie" on July 7, 2006
Yup, that's right... I said "Frankie." It seems that since we originally saw our new pup, and thought we were going to be naming him "Pepper," we had a change of heart and, for some unknown reason, decided to name the little guy "Frankie." Here are some pictures (and videos) from the day we picked him up!



Pictures from July 2006

Chester and Frankie
sharing a bed

Frankie in Maine

Chester and Frankie playing
with Chelsea in Maine

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