Parkwood Area Retired Golf Group
2016 Season


What is P.A.R.?
Like many of you retired guys, I like to play golf. I'd love to play several times a week, but I'd be happy if I could play even once-a-week. The problem is, the guys I used to play with couldn't always play every week. Someone always had a doctor's appointment or was on vacation.

I figured, if we had a larger group of guys to pull from, then we'd be guaranteed that someone would be available to play every week. It might be one foursome, or it might end up being several foursomes. Either way, there would be enough guys showing up every week to guarantee that whomever showed up would get to play!

That's how I came up with the idea of "PAR."

(NOTE: Originally, I lived on the west side of Rochester [Hilton]. When I started this group years ago, I named it "WAGG" for "West Side Area Golf Group. Now that I'm living in our new house on the east side [Macedon], I've renamed the group "P.A.R.")

What does it cost to join PAR?
Absolutely nothing! All you have to pay for is your greens fee (and cart, if you want one) each time you play. There are no "dues," no "initiation fees," etc. It's all "pay-as-you-play." Couldn't be simpler, huh?

How many holes will we play?
I'm guessing most guys will want to play 18 holes, but if you only wanted to play 9 holes, that would be up to you. You can always bail out after playing 9.

Which day will we play? What time?
We're going to be playing on WEDNESDAYS again this season!. What time will we be playing? That depends on two things. (1) How many guys want to play, and (2) which course has available tee times for us. Right now, we're thinking of around a 9:00 or 9:30 start time for the first foursome. It will vary from week to week.

Where will we play?
We could play at pretty much any course, but we'll probably stick to the "east-side" courses (since that's where most of us live). I'm looking at courses like Crooked Pines, Victor Hills, CenterPointe, Farview, etc., etc. (Of course, we'll always keep our eyes open for "senior rates.") Once in a while, we might play on an "west-side" course. Your suggestions for where to play are always welcome. Hey, it's your group!

How will you know how many guys want to play each week?
Each week (probably by Friday or Saturday), I'll send everyone an email asking "Are you going to be playing this week?" If you are planning on playing the coming week , you'll need to send me an email by SUNDAY of that week. Once I tally up how many guys want to play, I'll start calling area courses to find one that will accommodate our group that week. Then I'll email everyone back with the course we'll be playing and our starting time. Simple, huh?

Do you have to be a good golfer to join?
No way! I'm an average golfer (on a good day). This is just for fun, that's all! If you don't even want to keep score, that's up to you! In fact, if you are a good golfer, this group might not be for you. You might get bored playing with us "average guys."

Is this a "league"?
Nope. You never know how many guys will be playing on any given golf day. When we all get there, we'll just divide ourselves up into foursomes, and start playing.

How do you guys play?
First, you have to understand that the majority of us are pretty "low key" players. By that, we mean we're not real "sticklers" about the strict rules of golf. For example, we're pretty liberal about "gimmes." If you make a nice putt, and it's very close to the hole, pick it up! An occasional mulligan if you screw up your tee shot? Go ahead! If your ball is lodged up against a tree, feel free to "foot wedge" it out of there! We're out to have fun, not get hung up on competition. If this approach bothers you, this might not be the group for you. (Note, just because one of the guys in your GROUP might play this way, does not mean YOU have to. Feel free to take NO gimmes or mulligans, and hit your ball from behind a tree if you want to. Hey, you're keeping your OWN score!)

Why would I want to join PAR?
Several reasons...

  • You're guaranteed to play golf at least once a week.
  • You don't have to commit to being in a "league." If you have something else to do that day, just skip that week. No penalties.
  • It's FREE!
  • You'll get to hang out with a whole bunch of good guys who love golf, just like you do!

Who are the current (2016) PAR members?

Paul Blackwell
Miguel Brache
Carl Chiacchierini
Dave Flint
Dave Giordano
Jim Glidden
Dick Jeary
Joe Mack
Eric Nystrom
Dick Pierce
Larry Ritchie
Doug Skeet
Roger Skeet
Tom Simpson
Tom Stevens
Jerry Taylor
Jim Tefft
Gary Wood
John Woods
Gene Zastawrny
Your name could be here...

Tell your friends about "PAR"... the more, the merrier!




How can I sign up?
Two ways... (1) Send me an email by clicking HERE. (If that doesn't work, email me at or, (2) Call me at (315) 986-9977.

How can I get more information?
Same as above... Either: (1) Send me an email by clicking HERE. (If that doesn't work, email me at or, (2) Call me at (315) 986-9977.

I hope you become a part of our group. This could be a lot of fun!

Jerry Taylor
1342 Harwood Lane
Macedon, NY 14502
(315) 986-9977