Parkwood Heights
Calendar Projects

Starting in the fall of 2014, Parkwood Heights Senior Living Community of Macedon, NY began the first of three interesting "calendar projects." For the first project, the residents recreated scenes from some of Hollywood's most famous movies. In our second project (in the spring of 2015), we recreated some iconic Norman Rockwell covers of the old Saturday Evening Post magazine. For our THIRD project (in the spring of 2016), we recreated scenes from popular T-V sitcoms. Enjoy...

To see the results of our projects, click on one of these links:

2015 Calendar: Famous Movie Scenes

2016 Calendar: Norman Rockwell Scenes

2017 Calendar: TV Sitcoms

Note: These calendars are for sale. All proceeds benefit the
Town of Macedon Ambulance Services.
To purchase a calendar, call Parkwood Heights at (315) 986-9100.

2014 - J. Taylor